Our Story

Our passion in the construction field began 75 years ago


Our family were involved in developing and building projects such as the aqueduct of the L. Rodríguez, the Ensenada-San Quintin road, Punto Mexico, the Mexicali-Sonora highway, and the Tecate-Mexicali road of La Rumorosa.

In 1966 the family officially started Frasa construction company. With the entrepreneurial vision of Mr. Ramón Raymundo. The company now celebrate 50 years of hard work and dedication to contributing to the growth of the city.

With over a 100 succesful development projects the company as become a leading example in real state business.

Our tradition and values such an ethics and commitment with society, quality of work and transparency has separated Us from other companies.

Commercialized Proyects


Build all-round real estate projects of great value, that create a community and make a positive change in the environment, always focus on the needs and goals of our clients.



Thinking big, to be a trust model, satisfaction, and guarantee for our clients, teamwork with passion and innovation, generating rentability and added value to our projects.

Company Values

We provide to the community throughout our different actions that make people stronger:

Kindness: We provide to the community throughout our different actions that make our people stronger.

Rooting: we are in 100% a Tijuana company with more than 70 years of experience, which contributes to the development in the city.

Commitment: mostly in quality, from the attention to our collaborators, clients, suppliers, to the materials used in our constructions.

Ethics: all our actions are taken with strict adherence to our precept; both externally and internally.

Honesty: with the companies that hire our services, with our suppliers, and in a special way, with our customers and collaborators.

Tenacity: we keep ourselves as a solid company, that never gives up facing hard times, always moving forward.

Innovation: we distinguish ourselves by anticipating the needs of the current demand.

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